In the beginning only the darkness was there. Even the darkness was light, just less light... And through time and space God made all things Lighter and Lighter, through
Love and
Universal Compassion.
Still to this day, this is true.

There is really no
"Dark Side" and
"Light Side"...

Only Light, Only Love.

Only Compassion.

Reverend Rob Norgren

Feather Rob Norgen  genuine authentic shaman
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Meditation CDs

Rob’s meditation CD’s are Powerful!

Did you know that there are some great reasons to meditate?  You can meditate and visit with ancestors or loved ones.  Allow the God/Goddess to speak to you.  Meet your Spirit Guides or get to know your animal spirit guides to help heal and give guidance.

Meditation aligns mind, body and spirit and opens your energy to the positive aspects of your life. Do you want to change something in your life? Release stress, receive high energy, or relax so you can go to sleep at night. Maybe you want to create a better life or global changes within your world. Meditation assists with all these things and more.

Rob’s guided meditation CD’s make meditation easy and enjoyable.

Order CD $15.95 each plus shipping

Shamanic Journey

Rob Norgren Shaman Shamanic Journey CD

Rob Norgren Shaman

Shamanic Journey
Experience the adventure of a real Shamanic Journey as the rattle of the drum and Rob’s voice create an energetic connection leading you into an altered space preparing you for your encounter with your animal spirit guide/s that can help you on your vision quest.

Spiritual Journey

Rob Norgren Shaman Spiritual Journey CD

Rob Norgren Shaman

Spiritual Journey
Enjoy the beautiful journey of tinkling bells and floating in a hot air balloon as Rob guides you deeper and deeper into a realm of unconditional love. As the balloon gently sways and settles in this beautiful place, you see walking towards you someone you very much want to see, maybe this someone is God or a spirit guide or a loved one in spirit. Imagine how good you feel as you receive the inner whispers of spirit to touch and caress your soul.

Rob creates this reality with his CD Spiritual Journey.