In the beginning only the darkness was there. Even the darkness was light, just less light... And through time and space God made all things Lighter and Lighter, through
Love and
Universal Compassion.
Still to this day, this is true.

There is really no
"Dark Side" and
"Light Side"...

Only Light, Only Love.

Only Compassion.

Reverend Rob Norgren

Feather Rob Norgen  genuine authentic shaman
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Powerful Dragon's Breath

Chakras balanced and cleared Rob Norgren Dragons Breath Healing Shaman



Dream Mist a special Universal Light Being gifted her energy of Dragons Breath to Rob to amplify and enhance Rob's natural healing abilities. Rob uses his breath and directs healing dragon energy into the body for healing, releasing emotional pain, and balancing the energy centers of the Chakras.

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Soul Retrieval
Reconnect with the bits of yourself that has been lost along your soul's journey.
Energy Clearings for Home, Office, Land
Energy Clearing expels "beings" that attach to your land due to trauma, war, murder... learn more
Spirit Extractions for Persons, Home, Office, Land
Shamanic Extraction expels beings that attach to you due to trauma, depression, drugs... learn more
Powerful Dragon's Breath
Dragon's Breath heals, clears and balances the chakras.
DNA Activation
Raise your body's frequency to prepare for the planet's shift into ascension.
Sacred Shamanic Healing
Resolve troubling issues, release emotions, people or thought patterns to attract what you truly desire...