In the beginning only the darkness was there. Even the darkness was light, just less light... And through time and space God made all things Lighter and Lighter, through
Love and
Universal Compassion.
Still to this day, this is true.

There is really no
"Dark Side" and
"Light Side"...

Only Light, Only Love.

Only Compassion.

Reverend Rob Norgren

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Spirit Extractions for Persons, Home, Office, Land

Rob Norgren Home, Land, ET and Beings Extractions Shaman

Do you feel like a part (or parts) of you are not you? If you feel haunted by the unseen, call Rob.  Reverend Rob can help…


Shamanic Extraction has been used for centuries to expel beings that attach to your aura during a traumatic event, times of depression, when drinking or using drugs (including prescription drugs). These “beings” attach themselves and do mischief to you and those around you.


Rob performs the Shamanic Arts while you sleep either in person or from a distance. This method of healing does not require you to be present. All Shamanic Arts may be done in absentia (without the client present).


When the Shamanic Extraction is complete, the client is called at a scheduled time. During this conversation Rob will give details of the spirits extracted and guide the client on how to easily assimilate the changes from the extraction.


Spirit Extraction Fee: $242.00
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"Rob created a Shamanic Ceremony for me releasing an emotional pattern that totally “ran” my life. The ceremony itself was amazing in it’s thoroughness and afterwards I immediately had to sleep. I allowed the process to complete itself a day later and now feel an amazing amount of joy, like I used to feel as a child! The process was just wonderful!"

W.H. Success Coach