In the beginning only the darkness was there. Even the darkness was light, just less light... And through time and space God made all things Lighter and Lighter, through
Love and
Universal Compassion.
Still to this day, this is true.

There is really no
"Dark Side" and
"Light Side"...

Only Light, Only Love.

Only Compassion.

Reverend Rob Norgren

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Rob Norgren Shamanic Arts

Shamanic Arts: Is a life (or many lifes) long study of the spirit world (some would call it the under world, The Void). To me this is the world of Spirit! Its an art of seeing, hearing sensing and knowing things from a different stand point (Altered Realty)! Going into altered states to bring back parts of ones self or for others, Soul Retrieval.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Do you feel like a part (or parts) of you is missing? Rob can help…

Shamanic Soul Retrieval has been used for centuries to bring back parts of the soul that get lost or leaves the body during a time of trauma or times of depression. The "lost" parts want to come back to the person but can't find the way. Rob goes out and finds these lost parts and reintegrates them into your body. Soul Retrieval assists people in feeling good and complete.

Screaded Cermonies

Is using all the elements and all of me and you to Re-Create your life Better then it is Now.

Rob Norgren is a Transformational Healing Facilitator, experienced in the Shamanic Arts Clearing and Extracting . He has been performing Shamanic Ceremony for friends and himself since the age of five. "Intuitively trained" by his guides and angels, Rob has recalled his own past lives as a Native American, Aboriginal, European, Far East and Mayan Shaman. Rob's abilities have been brought forward by the powers that be, to easily and magically transform your life to a new level.


Thank you Rob for your Insight on the Special event you hosted. I truly enjoyed our time sharing thoughts and beliefs that many do not yet understand. It was an enlightening experience for all who interacted Wednesday night and there were many subjects that I dwelt on afterwards. I particularly noticed the powerful energy that was created during the event and the connectiveness all participants felt. I look forward to be part of your future events and thank you once again for your old soul wisdom and divine guidance. It was great to talk with a real Shaman!

Thank you Rob,
Rick Wright, Winnipeg,Canada


Rob's healing Ceremony has been one of the most powerful healings that I have ever experienced. Rob has helped me to look at all aspects of me with joy and acceptance. Rob has taught me to look at life's challenges and painful experiences with the joy and acceptance of a child.

The joy I felt after my Ceremony was profound. My physical body has changed my Diabetes has improved dramatically. The whole left side of my body has opened up. I have more light and energy flowing through it. Now one month later I am still seeing wonderful improvements in my health. And I am experiencing more peace, love and light every day. I have been to John of God and I would use Rob from now on it was so much more Powerful. Rob’s Ceremony has changed my life.

L. Sabbag Sedona, AZ