In the beginning only the darkness was there. Even the darkness was light, just less light... And through time and space God made all things Lighter and Lighter, through
Love and
Universal Compassion.
Still to this day, this is true.

There is really no
"Dark Side" and
"Light Side"...

Only Light, Only Love.

Only Compassion.

Reverend Rob Norgren

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What Others are Saying

About Rob Norgren

Thank you Rob for your Insight on the Special event you hosted. I truly enjoyed our time sharing thoughts and beliefs that many do not yet understand. It was an enlightening experience for all who interacted Wednesday night and there were many subjects that I dwelt on afterwards. I particularly noticed the powerful energy that was created during the event and the connectiveness all participants felt. I look forward to be part of your future events and thank you once again for your old soul wisdom and divine guidance. It was great to talk with a real Shaman!

Thank you Rob,
Rick Wright, Winnipeg,Canada

Rob created a Shamanic Ceremony for me releasing an emotional pattern that totally “ran” my life. The ceremony itself was amazing in it’s thoroughness and afterwards I immediately had to sleep. I allowed the process to complete itself a day later and now feel an amazing amount of joy, like I used to feel as a child! The process was just wonderful!

Wenty H. Success Coach Healer, Sedona, AZ

Rob's healing Ceremony has been one of the most powerful healings that I have ever experienced. Rob has helped me to look at all aspects of me with joy and acceptance. Rob has taught me to look at life's challenges and painful experiences with the joy and acceptance of a child.

The joy I felt after my Ceremony was profound. My physical body has changed my Diabetes has improved dramatically. The whole left side of my body has opened up. I have more light and energy flowing through it. Now one month later I am still seeing wonderful improvements in my health. And I am experiencing more peace, love and light every day. I have been to John of God and I would use Rob from now on it was so much more Powerful. Rob’s Ceremony has changed my life.

L. Sabbag Sedona, AZ


It was one on the most powerful healings I've ever had.

- Morgana Psychic Healer, Sedona, AZ

September 14, 2003

Three days ago, I participated in a ceremony that was to change my life. Wow! Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it.

Rob suggested that we do a ceremony that would allow me to create the changes in my life that I was looking for. My finances were horrible and I was extremely concerned about the insurance company accepting my second offer to get my case settled. I was a bit skeptical that a ceremony could do any good, but knew that my best effort needed a bit of help. So, I figured this would be a way for me to shift my focus. It couldn't hurt right?

I wanted to open Spiritually, to be All of who I am. I didn't stop to think that maybe it would open me in ways that I hadn't thought about. If I had maybe I wouldn't have had the courage to do my follow through. Silly, me, I just had to ask to be All that I can be.

Rob directed me to write about what I wanted to create in my life. He said it would help me to focus and direct my energy. As I wrote about all that I wanted to bring into my life, I began to channel my thoughts on paper, I began to write about what I wanted to release in my life. I felt the energy around me and it was loving and comforting, I attributed that to Rob who was setting up for the ceremony.

When I finally finished writing, I folded the paper, not reading it because I knew that I would change it. Rob placed my letter to the universe on the table and I sat down in the chair, Rob anointed me with herbs, I felt my apprehensions and doubts melt away.

I was ready for my very special ceremony. Rob sat in the chair opposite me and I closed my eyes and opened them to stare into the candle's flame. Then, I closed my eyes to see if there were any visions. There weren't. All I saw was color. I figured we were in for a long night! I opened my eyes again and focused on the candle, again the same thing happened. I saw colors but these colors were moving. Still no vision and so I figured it was nothing because I had stared into the candle and that it was being reflected back to me in my minds eye. Now, I knew it was going to be a long ceremony!

One more time I looked at the candle and closed my eyes. I decided to pray for the willingness to open and shift my reality. Suddenly, behind my eyes a light had come on! It was as if someone had come into the room and switched on the lights I felt and saw the movements of the energy that Rob was sending outwards from his whole being, it felt as if his hands were smoking! Next, I felt a strong bolt of energy surge into my root chakra, this was a physical pain but quick and sharp then gone. Now, the energy moved to my left foot and exited my big toe. If I had had slippers on it would have blown it off! My whole body I felt alive and awake, then I noticed the humming! Needless to say I opened my eyes in shock and excitement. I wanted to ask Rob if he had felt that electrifying bolt of energy. Instead I met the wise dark eyes of the Shaman who channeled his message for me. I wish I had thought to tape my ceremony something this profound doesn't happen very often.

All of this could have been just one of those strange unusual experiences that we can tell our friends about except for the fact that the very next morning I did a reading for myself (by the way, I never get good readings for me) and it was 100 percent right on and even said that a tremendous spiritual experience was at work. That I would receive what I had asked for. That I would see the results within a day. Later that same day I got a call from the Vocational Rehab. Counselor. The last time I had spoken to her she informed me that my money had been denied. I wasn't excited to hear from her again. In fact I almost didn't answer the call. Guess what she informed me that the insurance had accepted my second offer! I was going to be $7,000.00 richer.

I got my first appointment in my new office and my office isn't even open yet!
Saturday I had a rune reading done. More confirmation on the spiritual growth stuff and that my life has been and will continue to be transformed.

Today, Sunday, I was ordained in my church. I am now Reverend Susan Wadleigh which is a miracle in itself!
As far as the energy stuff goes I am Still humming! Wonder if this is ever going to change or if it will be like this from now on? Who knows? But I am definitely looking forward to my next ceremony with Rob.

All that is left to say is WOW!

Susan Wadleigh Psychic, Medium, Sedona, AZ

The information I received from my Tarot reading by Rob helped clarify and expand my own hazy impressions. Clearly, he sees beyond the veil. Thanks, Rob.

Lois Collard Tarot Reader Healer, CA